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About us

Mediolanum Invest was  established in February  1997  in Belgrade.  On  25th  April  1997  the  Republic  of  Serbia’s  Securities  Commission  and financial market issued the working approval to us  and the  first financial  transaction  was  agreed  on 16th  Jun, 1997.   We   became   a   member of   Belgrade  Stock exchange  on 24th July,1997 the agreement between us and Central  Securities  Depository  and  Clearing  House of Serbia was signed on 23rd July 2002.  Mediolanum Invest is an officially authorized agent of  Share  Fund  Serbia,  and also a member of the Association of Stock Exchange Intermediates. The main motto  of our  company defined  at the  very  beginning in 1997 has been 

“your world of quality stock exchange service”.

Today  Mediolanum  Invest  has  a reputation of  highly respected conservative brokerage company in Serbia. Constant growth of the number of our clients, trading volume and value of  transaction,  realized profits are  affirmation of our good business policy and professionalism, which  define  the  main  base  of  our  strategy  in  achieving  high  quality of financial services  wit  high efficiency and security on the financial market. Satisfaction of our clients with appreciation of high service standards has remained our main goal. 

Services : Brokerage business                                                                        

                 Dealer business                                                                                    

                 Issuance agent                                                                        

                 Market making                                                                       

                 Portfolio management                                                                       


What  makes  us  especially  proud is  the fact that our clients are with us  for years.  That  fact  can only go to emphasize  that  we have succeeded in  justifying their trust  and expectations. According to judgment of our respected clients the main motto of our company has evolved from world of quality stock exchange service into new one


Give us your trust and the professional team consisted of authorized brokers and dealers supported by back office,  financial  analysts and  experts  for legal  and  tax  issues  lead by  the gGeneral manager Mr Velimir Jovanovic, and Portfolio manager Ms Biljana Janjic  who  will  take  care  for  your  investments.

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